Chairman message

Welcome to SF Sweaters Ltd. We are a family owned business and have been in the textile industry for over a decade. Our Company Vision is to ensure strict adherence to quality and provide outstanding customer service, which has enabled us to pave a path in becoming one of the premier sweater manufacturers in our region. SF Sweaters consist of highly skilled management and dedicated and diligent employees who are a vital part of this growing and continually successful company. SF Sweaters heavily focuses on Eco-friendly approach to production by adopting Green Technologies and practices throughout the facility. We are also focused on providing benefits to our employees and dedicated to maintaining a safe and healthy work environment. Our company has been audited by BSCI, who are globally renowned for their quality and social/ethical compliance, to obtain the highest level of international standard.

We utilize state of the art machinery and the latest technologies which enable us to produce export quality products that meet international criterion and feature our extensive design and production capabilities.

We are confident that we possess the required customer ‘know-how’ and coupled with categorical quality control measures, we provide unparalleled services as evidenced in our products and strive to exceed in our current norm. Through relentless hard work and consistent dedication, we hope to reach the pinnacle of success and bolster our existing reputation as one of the most reliable company in the growing textile industry in South East Asia.

Nezam Ahmed